From insurance to mentoring, we offer a full suite of benefits to support our employees both personally and professionally.

Health & Well Being

Our Health & Well Being program is designed to offer a full spectrum of benefits to complement your lifestyle.

Health Care Coverage
Untracht Early offers two different types of health insurance plans which allow you to choose from a high deductible or co-payment plan. Both plans offer out-of-network coverage and all preventative care is covered 100%. Prescription drug benefits are available through both plans. Gym membership reimbursement is available through our health care coverage.

Untracht Early offers an in-network and out-of-network dental plan. Dental coverage services include diagnostic and preventative care. Orthodontia is available on specific plans.

Untracht Early offers vision insurance to assist with costs associated with eye examinations and hardware.

Paid Time Off
Full time employees receive up to 28 days of Paid Time Off per year (based on staff level and years of services)

Maternity Leave
We offer up to 8 paid weeks of maternity leave based on years of service.

Disability Coverage
We offer short and long term disability to supplement your income in case you become disabled.

Life Insurance
We pay for a life insurance premium for 3x your salary to your beneficiary(ies) in the event of death.

Untracht Early contributes a discretionary bonus, annually, to each employee’s 401(K) account. You do not need to participate to be eligible.

Flexible Work Schedule
We offer various types of flexible work arrangements including telecommuting, part-time, or compressed schedules.

Summer Hours
We offer 39 hours of additional Paid Time Off to be used on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Firm Culture

Our firm culture benefits promote unity, teamwork, and collaboration.

  • Dress for your Day
  • Holiday Party
  • Post Busy Season event
  • Annual off-site team building event
  • Intramural sports teams
  • Community service initiatives
  • Buddy and Mentor programs
  • Annual Town Hall meetings
  • Spirit events for the entire office throughout the year

Reward & Recognition

We offer programs that recognize and reward individuals for a job well done.

  • Annual review process in addition to formal reviews given frequently throughout the year
  • Competitive salaries
  • Annual Incentive programs
  • CPA exam review courses, payment for exam and licensing fee, and CPA exam bonus (for campus hires)
  • Professional development trainings for all levels
  • Soft-skill development trainings for all levels
  • Program-specific tuition reimbursement
  • Employee referral program
  • Client referral program
  • Anniversary recognition
  • Two week new hire orientation program for all campus hires
  • Paid dues and fees to applicable professional organizations